Since the tenure of its fourth president, Julek Foit (2000/2001), the club’s development has acquired systematic proportions and the RCPC started pursuing longer-term projects, often in conjunction with other clubs, including those abroad.
In the Millennium Year 2000, the Prague region was home, in addition to our RCPC, also to another five Rotary Clubs and the newly chartered RC Praha Classic. We found out, way back then that it is this particular club, with which we share joint interests and views on “what Rotary stands for”. We were united by personal friendships and working relationships.
We worked to bring together other Prague area clubs and organized several joint meetings. To mark 100 years of the Rotary community, we and some other Prague clubs planted memorial linden trees in Prague’s Letná Park.
But perhaps the most memorable project, jointly pursued by RCPC and RC Praha Classic at that time, was the Prague exhibition of a travelling photography salon, highlighting selected entries from the sixth annual international competition, “With Love to Women”.

In Rotarian 2011/2012 RC Praha Classic gained several new members, and eight “veterans” seized the opportunity to switch sides in favour of our RCPC. In restructuring inspired by DG Tomáš Lang, RC Praha Classic was transformed in 2012 to a club with a revamped member-ship and new name: RC Prague Platinum.


Our Rotary Club every year gives one-off support to two or three social or educational projects. Let’s just mention the Sue Ryder Home for Seniors or the Schola Viva project. We also supported the release of the book, Math for Classmates, organized by students. We of course also interact with the Scouts and provide help in case of natural disasters in and outside the Czech Republic. Our club provides long-term systematic assistance to several projects.

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In 2007, we launched a long-term project in support of the organization, Czech Blind United (SONS). With the help of shared means under a Rotary
Foundation Matching Grant, this NGO has replenished its stock of digitally transferred books and documents in order to improve easier access to textbooks for the blind. Our club, RC Praha Staré Město and RCs from Britain and France pooled over half a million crowns for this purpose. Nine years later the number of digitalized books approached 3,000.


Bone marrow donors’ register
We have variously supported the national register of bone marrow donors since 2014. This assistance combines funding with organizing miscellaneous events, promoting bone marrow donorship among the general public, especially young people.

Prague Wheelchair Association
In 2018 we mark ten years of interaction with the Prague Wheelchair Association (POV). We started with a financial contribution to assistance services to two female wheelchair users. For five years, we and RC Stuttgart-Solitude annually contributed 30,000 CZK. As we gradually became involved in POV activities, our club members started attending the wheelchair sports days POV holds every first Saturday in September in Prague’s Hvězda Park.
We provide free refreshments to wheelchair athletes and raise funds from passers-by and onlookers. One of our members takes care of professional healthcare assistance. This year we have collected an additional 30,000 crowns for leisure activities of people confined to wheelchairs.


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